Meet the Team

Amy Norris Team includes: Judah Castagne, Ron Buie, Damon Hitt, Emily Baugh, Gabrielle Mazur, Ian Norris & Amy Norris at 251.968.7516.

Amy Norris AL/FL Realtor specializes: LISTING/SELLING, LUXURY BUYERS & REO listings,TOP Marketing & Advertising for Sellers, INTERNET DOMINATION.High Quality Video & Virtual Tours. Rainmaker & creative abilities making the listing stand out. Being a licensed Alabama & Florida realtor (OFFERS Twice the Exposure for her clients). She is serious about real estate but loves laughing, making jokes (mostly puns), singing & scuba diving and wants to cruise around the world. She is happy to be married to James Bond.

Emily Baugh Executive Assistant. Emily is a super hero, one-a-million. She likes working in a fast paced environment. Her mission is clear cut.. help our clients & closings! She is a woman “in the know” and holds down the fort while we are out helping clients.

Ron Buie AL Realtor. He previously enjoyed life in Louisiana & enjoys fishing & boating. No one cooks fish like he does. He also was a builder and his knowledge can help you!

Judah Castagne AL Realtor. Judah is someone with a true understanding of real estate “from the foundation up,” Judah is a wise choice since he worked for years in resort maintenance and management, and has a background in home building. He is serious about his profession and yet his approach to real estate is fun, easy and low pressure.

Damon Hitt FL/AL Realtor. Damon is our FLORIDA Specialist, servicing Perdido Key, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, sometimes even Navarre. Since he also lives in Perdido Key, the border of Florida & Alabama, he also knows & shows Alabama beach properties as well.

Ian Norris is a managing partner, assisting in marketing, streamlining business objects & servicing of REO properties. He enjoys flying, traveling, scuba diving and other ?adventurous?? James-Bond-like activities when he is not drinking tea or enjoying a well deserved cruise or a visit with him mum every once in a while. If you get him on the phone, you will want him to keep talking..he has the best BRITISH accent. He came from across the pond and worked for British Airways for 10 years as an ?aeronautical engineer. He is a details man, and just the kind of guy you want helping your business and flying a plane. Seriously, he is cool guy. He may even take you flying to see the beach from the sky.

Gabrielle Web/Social Media. She manages websites, listings, social media has written and published a children’s book http://www.gabriellemazurbooks.com/ She goes to bed at night knowing she’s helped promote our awesome listings with our fabulous marketing! She truly cares about each and every one of our Sellers’ and their listings and goes to great lengths to make sure the Sellers’ features are noted & promoted!

Amy Norris, Ian Norris, Judah Castagne & Lori & Lewis Fite & Gabe Mazur previously enjoyed life in Michigan. Ian is an alien from another land, but we love him anyway, even if he prefers English Breakfast Tea to sweet ice tea. Some of us are from the North, but we were always meant to live in the South.

The Amy Norris Team volunteers in an worldwide educational work enriching lives, creating greater purpose, answering important life questions, problem solving skills and strengthening family bonds.